President 2011 - Toshi NAKAMURA

Dear EWAS members,


It is great honor for me to be the 2011-2012 President of European Wrist Arthroscopy Society (EWAS). Wrist arthroscopy is useful tool for both diagnosis and treatment of wrist pathologies and in recent decade, this tiny tool is necessary for exploring midcarpal, radiocarpal and even DRUJ. Numbers of arthroscopic treatments are recently developed. EWAS now provides symposium and scientific session for wrist arthroscopy in FESSH meeting, and more importantly educational cadaver workshop courses for wrist arthroscopy two times a year in Strasbourg, France, 2 times a year in Taiwan and recently Brazil course started. All of those courses are well organized with same academic level and with world well-known experts who sincerely teach their techniques to attendees. EWAS endorses 6 wrist arthroscopy workshops, Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Markgroningen, Lisbon in Europe and . Miami in USA. EWAS also provides several online papers, surgical videos and lecture videos on our Web, .


EWAS expands recently and includes lots of members not only from European countries but also from North and South American and Asian countries. This tendency may continue. As members from Americas and Asian countries will expand, EWAS will be forward to true global society for all wrist arthroscopists soon. The other option is staying in more Europe to stabilize our basis and reserve our energy. It’s your choice.


I am from Far East and my specialty field is TFCC, I would like to propose “Arthroscopic diagnosis and treatment for TFCC; East meets West” as a EWAS symposium in 2012 Antwerp meeting. Also we will have regular EWAS free paper session for wrist arthroscopy.


We announce EWAS honorable Whipple prize. This year’s (2011) Whipple prize is goes to Dr PC Ho, another Asian member of EWAS who has tremendous works on wrist arthroscopic surgeries. He deserves this honorable prize. Congratulations. We will propose another new prize for young EWAS member, special EWAS prize from 2012. This prize will support new star in our field.


As I am Japanese, it had been a little bit strange feeling to be the president of European Society. Once being president since EWAS general assembly at the Oslo meeting, I will serve this society to do the best of my ability. If you have any idea, please feel free to send me to or .


Thank you.


Toshiyasu Nakamura, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Chief of Hand Unit,
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery,
School of Medicine, Keio University
35 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 160-8582, Japan

(200 Km away from Fukushima Nuclear Reactors, not always safe and I dislike north wind)