President 2013 - David Slutsky

Dear EWAS members,

Christophe has just informed me of your decision. This is truly one of my proudest moments. When Christophe first told me that he had nominated me for the EWAS presidency my first reaction was that I am undeserving of this honor. The founders and the previous leaders of this organization are all master surgeons and recognized pioneers in wrist arthroscopy who have labored hard to advance the mission of the EWAS. I have thus far done relatively little. My response was that we should then start a journal for the EWAS so that I could earn this title. Thanks to the enthusiasm and the herculean efforts of Christophe Mathoulin as well as the other deputy editors Guillaume Herzberg, Greg Bain, Toshiyasu Nakamura, PC HO and Philippe Liverneaux and the support of the 50 volunteer associate editors we have now achieved this goal. I am truly grateful to all the supporters of the Journal of Wrist Surgery and look forward serving the EWAS to the best of my abilities over the next year. Thank you my friends


David Slutsky